Happy Birthday Wagoneer!

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The Jeep Wagoneer is officially 50 years old! Hard to believe it has been that long since they first took to the roads. They were the first true 4wd SUV, first 4wd with an automatic transmission, first SUV with true full time 4wd, and went on to become the most luxurious SUV of its time with the Grand Wagoneer. And while it has been rumored that Jeep may release a new vehicle with the name Grand Wagoneer, it will never replace the original.

Happy birthday Wagoneer, and may we still see you grace our streets in another 50!

Welcome to all the new members!

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I would like to send out a warm Welcome! to all the recent visitors. As IFSJA is currently having issues, a good number of the regulars have been coming here to fill their need to partake in the FSJ community.

At this point the fate of IFSJA is unknown, but I will do my best to make sure this site fills the needs of the community. If you have questions or comments, please post them in the Forum Related section of the forum.

Forum Improvements

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The forum has been upgraded with an all new style that greatly improves usability! It also is now supported by Tapatalk which allows you to easily browse and post on the forum from your iPhone, iPad, Android Device, or Blackberry.

The main site itself is also undergoing some changes. And will continue to be in a state of flux for a little while as things are added to it.

If anybody has any issues, questions, or comments, please post in the Site Related area of the forum. Thanks!

Note to New Members

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To all the new members, welcome!

I wanted to post up a few bits of info for when you sign up in the forums.

1: Make sure you enter in your email correctly, as email authentication is required.

2: If you do not receive an email, check your spam filters. They do get picked up by them at times. If you still don't get it, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

3: When signing up, you need to answer the basic question towards the bottom of the signup page. This is to help prevent spam bots from signing up.


Thanks, and enjoy!

Forum Update 5-12-2011

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After having issues with the Kunena, the previous forum software, I have decided to switch back to the tried and true PHPBB. This forum software has worked great in the past for me. Kunena was an attempt at something new, but it just had too many issues and/or missing features.

So now we are up and going in what should be the last major change for the new site. If you had previously registered on the last forum, you will have to re-register. I apologize for this, but importing the small amount of data on the last one was more work than it was worth.

There will still be a few tweaks, but nothing major. So please, feel free to sign up and start posting away!