• Welcome to FSJ Network!

  • Welcome to FSJ Network!

  • Welcome to FSJ Network!

  • Welcome to FSJ Network!

Forum Down - 1-24-16

Just a quick FYI that I am aware the forum is down and I am currently working to resolve the issue.

Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE: Forum is back up.

New Page Layout and Hosting

As some of you have noticed, the main page and the forum have some occasional slow periods. This results in slow browsing that can be a bit annoying to say the least. To address these issue the site has been moved to a new hosting setup which should prevent these issues from happening again in the future. The new setup also has lots of other features which will make my job easier.

During this switch over I took the chance to make some changes to the main page here as well. So it does look different, but also it should work MUCH better for mobile browsers.

Forum Update Complete!

The forum has now been updated to the latest and greatest PHPBB software! This update contains over 1000 bug fixes and 1500 changes from the previous version.

A few that will stand out to users:

  1. Fully mobile aware! The forum now works great on any smart phone or tablet. (Tapatalk is still available)
  2. New notification system
  3. Extension Support (This allows me to easily add more functionality)
  4. OAuth Support so you can login with your Google+ or Facebook account (Will be enabled soon)

Forum Maintenance - 1/30/2015

The forum will be down on Friday, January 30th while doing a major upgrade. It will be back up as soon as possible, but please be patient :)