2 J-10 trucks for sale

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2 J-10 trucks for sale

Post by joel_langford » Sat Aug 01, 2020 5:20 pm

I have 2 of the 4 wheel drive jeep trucks, a tan one and a grey one. Tan one is a long bed has 258 inline 6 cylinder engine mounted to a T-18 4 speed transmission and transfer case, this one in particular does have the PTO on the transmission (Don't find those anymore). The engine runs good, does not knock or smoke and the 4 wheel drive dug me 4 nice little holes in yard when I hooked to a tree I had in my back yard. I do not have a fuel tank for the Tan (long bed) and have a plastic fuel cell with a fuel line ran to the mechanical fuel pump, the short bed still has the fuel cell tank in it. I recently had to replace the Z-bar bushings as they do go bad over time and it had factory ones still installed. Tan truck runs and drives but i have only used it around the house since i got it running. I have bought a bunch of stuff for it as I was going to put the drive train into the other body I have. Now for the other truck, the grey one is just a body but it is a short bed, using the engine and trans from the tan one would require shortening the rear drive shaft 10". I had planned to not use the bed on the Short bed and do the old style wooden bed on it, This body does not have wheels or tires mounted to it but does have the axles and suspension still (condition unknown, it rolls with wheels and tires). I have an extra dash, a few grills (plastic and metal), I have purchased a hand full of new parts for this project, some of which are already installed. I have already spent the money and leg work so I have Titles to both of the vehicles. The boss has spoken and she says since I don't mess with them anymore, they need to go. I have well over 4k invested into these things, but that is on me as I could have went a different path and it been a little cheaper. I realize that the trucks would likely have to be moved one at a time as there is only one set of wheels and tires. I do not have enough experience playing with carburetors to install the new one and set it up. No guesswork as to if they can be made legal as I personally have tags, titles and registration for both of them. Both of these trucks are factory manual and they are also both factory power steering.

New parts between what has been installed and what I have for them is Brakes, Brake hardware kits, 1 U-Joint, 1 U-joint strap kit, Wheel Spacers, Muffler, Z-Bar Bushings, Trans Mount, Metal Exhaust strap kit, 1 Exhaust Clamp, 1 Throttle Cable, Tires mounted on New Wheels, Plastic fuel tank (portable), Rubber Fuel Line, Rag Joint for steering, Carburetor, Battery, Battery Terminals, Running Boards.

The used parts list is as follows. Extra Metal Grille, Extra Plastic Grille, Extra Dash (no cracks), Extra cluster with heat controls. Upon closer inspection of digging out the short bed from my garage I found that it has a 2" receiver welded to the frame under the bed.

I have no idea how to add pictures to this, yet i have quiet a few to share. These are located in Shady Point, Oklahoma.
I have them priced at $3500 for the pair of them.

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Re: 2 J-10 trucks for sale

Post by Suburban1 » Wed Sep 02, 2020 8:27 pm

Where are you located ?

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