FSJeepers in Birmingham, Alabama area

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FSJeepers in Birmingham, Alabama area

Post by 88amcsuv » Sun Apr 29, 2018 6:03 pm

I live in Gadsden, Alabama and was wondering if there was any kind of FSJ club or group anywhere near me that gets together every so often for rides, work days or anything for that matter? I would love to be involved on work days even though I'm not in that good of shape to be much use but I can do things. I can clean parts and just about anything that doesn't require me to sit on the ground or things like that. I have plenty of tools to bring that I won't be having to bum tools all day. I'm not a body man but I can sand and have sanders to use. I can also help with mechanic work just can't get around that good but bench work is perfect for me. Anyway if there is such a thing please contact me. I would like to join the group if after meeting me a couple of times I am acceptable to the whole group. Thanks
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