Worst dealer experience ever

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Re: Worst dealer experience ever

Post by fulsizjeep » Wed Sep 19, 2018 7:22 am

Way to go! :-bd Dump that POS in another state so you probably won't ever see it again. JunK
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Re: Worst dealer experience ever

Post by Stuka » Wed Sep 19, 2018 7:40 am

Grand_Wag_85 wrote:Stuka, don't get me wrong the JK was always dead reliable but these last 4 months it just started to get silly with the oil and coolant consumption. Aside from all that I haven't done anything other than oil changes, brakes and tires. Aside from the cylinder head issues I thought it was pretty durable. Over the past year I've come to the conclusion I need a truck and the head fiasco gave me the extra persuasion.

Got an older Duramax Silverado, 2004 2500HD with the LLY. Pretty clean truck, almost every bell and whistle. Chevy dealer was generous with the trade in. Went up to Idaho to get it because every one of those around locally either has way too many miles or is really beat up.

Now that I've got a tow rig next comes me actually getting off my @$$ and building the Gladiator
Cool, should be a good truck!
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Re: Worst dealer experience ever

Post by candymancan » Fri Nov 09, 2018 10:49 pm

Ive heard first hand on what those crappy 6 cylinder engines in the wranglers sound like when they go bad... i was talking to a guy at advanced auto awhile back about my wagoneer and he turned his wrangler on and it sounded HORRRIBLE.. bad knocking and ticking and i was like whoah dude... you engine is messed up and he just said naa the engine has 100k mikes on it and acted like thay was a boat load of miles and the noise was normal.

Then i said ok sure.. my ZJ ONLY has 270k miles and runs like day 1... and drove off.

and no offense but your wrangler being reliable for 5-6 years isnt reliable... Any modern vehicle shouldnt be seeing issues after 5 to 6 years like that. Thats just bad.. But i know nothing is infailable
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