Suspension questions.

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Suspension questions.

Post by HandofGod »

Got my General springs in and put the fronts on. Fresh stock height springs gave me a 1” lift over the old worn out ones that were in there. Went to do the rear, but realized I didn’t have time that day when it became apparent I’ll have to drop, or at least move, the fuel tank because the bolts for the rear springs will probably need to be cut... they just won’t move. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some shop time for that soon.
In the mean time, I did a little off-roading on a power-like trail with one of my buddies. Way did really well, and ride a lot better than last time I was out on the same trail (combination of the new front springs and airing down to 20psi). I did drag my rear diff just a little, but driving in a rutted lane. No damage or anything, but it got me thinking about bigger tires eventually. I have 31x10.5x15s and am considering eventually 33s, but that’s as big as I want to go. The wag is already pretty high with the 3”body lift (done by PO) and my wife already had a hard time getting in... since I technically bought it for her, I have to consider her needs lol. But she says she might be able to do a 2” lift after I install grab handles and nerf bars she can step on.
Considering I have fresh stock height springs, what would you more veteran suspension guys recommend for me to get 2”? I’ve looked at add a leaf, and also Rocklawence’s front shackle reversal kits and like them. I like the ride of the stock height springs, so I definitely don’t want some hard riding lift springs. Seems that a lot of the stock components can handle a 2” lift without replacement, but I’d get extended brake lines anyway (why not get new braided lines with a little more play when it’s probably time to replace them anyway?) and rocklawence has said he recommends a slightly longer front drive shaft... haven’t even researched that, other than seeing that that’d allow for longer shocks as well.
Longer shocks would allow more droop, which is all good right? Any downsides? And what if I paired that with extended sock mounts for even longer shocks? Would that give me any benefit with the stock springs?
Also, with 5” total lift (3 body, 2 suspension) would I have to extend the steering or worry about other stuff?
Sorry for so many questions but this is my first 4x4 so I’m learning lol. Thanks for any help!
Also - observe the pics. Little bit of flex! With the left rear tire tucked like that, I did have a tiny bit of rubbing on the front of the rear fender.
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Re: Suspension questions.

Post by Renodemona »

So if it was me, I would do the shackle reverse kit and match the rear with appropriate lift springs. I Personally don't like body lifts but if it is already on it's more work to take it off. you might have to do some fender trimming with 33s. You will also have to watch the backspacing so you don't rub the springs in the back.
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Re: Suspension questions.

Post by Theduke »

I have 6" spring lift, no body lift. 33x10.5x15 fit without issue. Personally I like to change as little as possible so I went with a big lift with new leaf springs instead of multiple smaller changes adding up to same number.
But if some of the work was done by PO I can see not wanting to remove the body lift.
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