72 j4000 offroad project

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72 j4000 offroad project

Post by Cassidy »

I picked up a j4000 to turn into an offroad toyish. I have a 91 wagoneer that I have been using, but I don't want to damage it so its off-road days are about over. This j4000 has an SBC 350 t18 and dana 20 its the 4600gvwr so 5 lug hd44 and dana 60-2. Plan is to run at least 35" tires and a small flatbed. The first project is suspension, the front springs have been moved under the front frame SOA but are very thin and nearly flat. The rear looks to be factory post mount. The rear seems simple enough ford Ranger spring mounts and I was going to use my rustys 4" lift wagoneer rear springs moved to the short box position. The front is the place where I am not sure what to do, I have a pair of rustys 4" lift springs from my wagoneer but that would require going spring under and that might mess with the steering. any advice or ideas [brilliant or not appreciated]. :banghead:
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Re: 72 j4000 offroad project

Post by Pablo »

Any spring shops nearby? Custom front springs maybe in order.
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Re: 72 j4000 offroad project

Post by Stuka »

Are the spring springs still 2" wide, or was it converted to 2.5" springs when they moved them under the frame?

Either way, somebody like Alcan can make springs for you if need be. But I think 4" lift springs is going to end up giving you a mile of lift. By going from post mount to under mount, I am going to guess you gained 2-3 of lift? 4" springs may be more than you want, but if you have 2.5" wide springs in front now, it doesn't hurt to give them a try, assuming your front springs are 74+ springs, and not 73 and older wagoneer springs (which are shorter).
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